Valley Springs Area Business Association (VSABA) is made up of businesses, organizations, and individuals who do business in and around Valley Springs. The VSABA was formed in 1983 by a group of citizens and merchants from Burson, Wallace, Valley Springs and Rancho Calaveras areas. They joined together for the mutual benefit of their communities and Calaveras County, and in 1984, The Valley Springs Area Business Association was founded as a non-profit corporation.



We truly believe in the ability to elevate experiences, engage and inspire people everywhere starting within our community. We get so excited to learn about you and your business, and believe in advocating on behalf of a business, by assessing and addressing the issues and needs of business owners, and consistently and effectively communicating them which include to our elected and appointed officials.


Dear Visitors and Members, 

To those of you visiting our website for the first time, the Board members at the Valley Springs Area Business Association (VSABA) welcomes you and thanks you for your interest in the VSABA. To our members—the very heart of the VSABA—we thank you for your business and enduring support, which we highly value. We are here to serve you!

We are cognizant that the VSABA is first and foremost a very committed organization. Its value to you and your business is only a reflection of the service we provide. Therefore, we strive as an organization to deliver the utmost in service and commitment to our community, and always encourage your feedback.


The Board members of the Valley Springs Area Business Association


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